At Planned Asset Management, we largely work with individuals, families, and small business owners in the greater Los Angeles area and across the United States. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of financial planning, investment management, and tax-efficient strategies and services, including:

Asset Management

Asset management involves creating an investment portfolio that produces an appropriate diversification based on the individual client’s needs and goals. Depending on the client’s risk tolerance and retirement goals, we will develop a customized strategy that helps clients preserve their assets. Professional asset management may provide investors access to investments they may not have otherwise, including a wide variety of traditional and alternative investment classes. We can help clients identify their financial priorities and determine appropriate opportunities.

Retirement Planning

We work with clients in all phases of retirement planning, from managing assets to transitioning into retirement to maintaining a steady income. Many clients want to build a consistent income that will last through their retirement years. We can determine opportunities that may help, from contributing to a 401(k) plan to identifying appropriate IRA investments, mutual funds, and annuities. We also provide advice on Social Security claiming, how to minimize or avoid unnecessary taxes, 401(k) and IRA rollovers, and ways clients can protect their family from high healthcare costs and other risks.

Estate Planning

Preserving assets and transferring an estate to family and heirs can be complicated and confusing. Regardless of how large one’s estate is, it’s critical to plan what will happen to it upon one’s death. If an estate plan isn’t set in place, one’s wishes may not be carried out, as the estate will be transferred to the state to handle according to probate laws. We assist clients in articulating their estate planning needs and coordinate the work of other professionals who may be needed, including attorneys and CPAs. Whether a client wishes to use a trust or other method, we can offer guidance regarding today’s confusing estate and tax laws.

Tax Strategies

It’s common for individuals, families, and small business owners to neglect tax planning until the final months leading up to the tax filing deadline. However, by implementing tax strategies throughout the year, clients may be able to reduce the taxes they pay or avoid unnecessary taxes. We can also help clients remove capital gains tax by establishing a "Capital Gains Bypass Trust." We can help clients identify possible solutions and either work with a client’s current CPA or refer them to one with whom we partner.

Life and Long-Term Care Insurance

Life insurance is one way someone can protect a family in the event of unforeseen death. Often, clients have had a hard time prioritizing their needs and determining appropriate life insurance options and whether or not they need long-term care coverage. Many clients are hesitant to invest in long-term care insurance because they fear they will never use it. Today, life insurance has become a vehicle to cover many risks and now comes with optional riders to cover long-term care and critical and terminal illness. One policy can cover many situations in the future. We can help clients determine their needs and appropriate insurance options for their unique situation.