CPA Financial Platform

Financial Services Platform to compliment CPA practice


Adding a financial services platform can be extremely rewarding both for the CPA or CPA firm and for the Client.


Client Benefits

            Most trusted advisor helping them with their entire financial life

            For the most part “one stop shop”

            Integrate Life Planning and Tax Planning

            Monitoring implementation of Investments and Insurance


CPA Benefits

            Satisfaction knowing what is happening with clients’ investments, planning, etc.

            Bonds client relationship

            Investment data readily available for taxes

            Added profit center

            Income directly to bottom line if partnering with Planning Firm

                        No additional staff

                        No additional overhead

                        Minimal time required


Create Organization


Sole Proprietorship

            Partnership, LLP

           Partnership, LLC

            Inc or S-Corp


Establish RIA Following Regulation(s)  

           Maintain Compliance

            Annual compliance requirements


            Calderon Letter to Clients

            Review issues with address of record and asset mgt address

            Review issues of Percentage based accounting vs. hourly

            Maintain copy of Records

            Required Individual License – Series 65 Direct

no broker dealer affiliation


Internal Marketing and Identification by Staff

                    Identification of client needs

Client Access Increased

            Investment Implementation

           Insurance Strategy and Implementation



            Investment Planning



                                    Research – Morningstar

                                    ETF Analytics

                        Monitoring - On-going

                        Reporting –Sample provided

                        Investor Risk Profile – subjective

            Retirement Planning

                        Needs Analysis for retiring

                        Analyze Pension options

                        Accumulation - Type of qualified accounts

            Tax Planning

                        Investment gains/losses

                        Capital gains by-pass trusts

                        Loss Harvesting

            Estate Planning

                        Document Review

                        Various structures to maximize transfer at death

            Risk Planning

                        Protection for earnings

                        Protection for estate preservation

                        Protection during retirement

                        Pension Maximization


Choices of Operations


                                    Staff required

                                    Legal required for Entity set up

                                    Prepare documents for establishing RIA

                                    Continuing Compliance required

                                    One member must have series 65

                                    Obtain software, client forms, custodian

           Join a RIA

                                    Requires passing series 65 examine

                                    Fees paid to you directly

                                    No Entity required or allowed

                                    No administration or regulatory filings

                        Joint venture/Sub-contract

                                    Depending on structure


                                    License required

                                    Agreement with other advisory firm

                                    Requires Solicitation agreement


Private Label or not

                        Pros vs. Cons


Give business to others

                        No additional revenue stream

                        No requirements

                        Lack of control for client benefit


Responsibility of the recommendation


References of operation with Planned Asset Management Model from Current CPAs part of the network.


The CPA practice is separate and unrelated to securities practice through M.S. Howells & Co.