Is Your Money Working for You?

Is Your Money Working for You?

August 28, 2017

You spend your whole life working hard for your money, right? Well why not let your money work for you NOW? Do you have money piling up in your checking account or stored under your mattress? Well that might seem like a good idea at the time, but how about putting that money to work instead? 

The solution? Invest.

Investments can seem overwhelming or tricky, not to mention the word RISK itself is always a big red flag... But we can break it down to the basics and show how we can turn your assets into a working machine for you.

Why? The world continues to spin as economics around the globe shift, inflation rises and before you know it, 10-, 20-, even 30-years have passed you by. All the while that fortune of yours has been sitting still. But inflation has been rising! If your money simply sits in a bank with little to no growth, all your money now lacks the great value it used to have in past years. It is NOT working for you.

Now say you were to invest that money and make gradual returns year after year? Well over a long period of time, that money not only competes with the market, but has been successful in outperforming inflation as well. 

Where? There are many classes to invest money (mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.) and this is where decades of expertise come into play. It is important to discuss your past, present and future goals with a financial advisor to determine which direction is best for your goals and objectives.

When? Invest now! You never know when things will go up or down in the financial industry, but no matter what, over time the markets have always risen. Longevity is key in the world of investing. *

It’s important to stay educated on the most up to date processes and products available. Here at Planned Asset Management we are continuously educating our clients and will be there for you no matter what questions come to mind. Knowledge will make you aware and open your options to allow your money to do the work for you!

Now, let’s put your money to work!

* All investing is subject to risk, including possible loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.